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Starting an Automotive Interior Test

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Packaging Samples

Carefully package test samples for shipment. Small non-fabric specimens should be wrapped in a soft paper product such as Kimtech Kimwipes Delicate Task Wipers. Do not use newspaper. The entire group of samples should then be wrapped with bubble wrap, if possible, and taped. The samples should then be placed in a cardboard box or envelope.

If shipping from a country other than the USA, you will typically be required to fill out a Commercial Invoice to accompany the test samples. A value of $1 (or similar value in other currency) should be entered on the shipping documents. It is recommended that samples be described as follows: "Test samples. No commercial value."


Package and ship specimens, order form (optional), and purchase order to:

Arizona Desert Testing LLC
21212 West Patton Road
Wittmann, AZ 85361

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