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Advanced Features of ACUVEX®

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ACUVEX Picture Each ACUVEX Tracker in the exposure field contains a dedicated on-board computer that controls all phases of operation. Each computer is powered by a DC power supply with battery backup. If a power outage occurs, a Tracker can safely shut itself down until power returns. Trackers are totally automatic. Each tracker's computer receives input from solar cells and turns on motors to automatically keep specimens in focus during the day. Other automatic functions include controlling water sprays, switching tracking on and off, and continuously monitoring machine operation.

ACUVEX Data Network ACUVEX machines, the weather station, and computers inside the office building are connected together via a network. Emergency conditions are reported to office computers so that repairs can be made quickly, minimizing down time. Conditions recorded at each test machine are archived to provide a history of exposure conditions, if required.

ACUVEX Black and White Panels Each ACUVEX has both a black and a white panel thermometer mounted in the specimen area along with specimens being tested. These sensors are used for: 1) monitoring machine operation, and 2) recording the history of exposure tests.

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