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ACUVEX® Accelerated Weathering

ACUVEX meets ASTM G90 and ISO 877 AZTEST's proprietary ACUVEX® for exterior materials "Accurate Controlled Ultraviolet EXposure" is a proprietary engineered solution that accelerates the effects of material weathering. Its innovative design concentrates sunlight for maximum intensity and measures the related effects on materials.

ACUVEX® meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM G90, "Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Nonmetallic Materials Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight." ACUVEX® also meets or exceeds ISO 877, SAE J576, SAE J1961, ASTM D4141, D4364, and D5722. Please click on one of the links below for more information.

† EMMAQUA® is a registered trademark of the Atlas Electric Devices Company.